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Video Fast Forward

July 12, 2007

Why don’t the on-line video players have fast forward buttons?  I would watch more videos if watching didn’t take so long.  And while they’re at it, adjust the pitch of the audio playback so voices don’t sound like chipmunks.  There’s a bunch of players so this is far from an exhaustive list but I didn’t see a fast forward button on any of these …

Does any player have FF?


Older TED Talks

July 8, 2007

Older TED videos are being put on-line. Here’s one by David Kelley (IDEO) on design. While his presentation is mostly about physical design, web designers can get inspired by it too.

The TED registration process (not required to watch the videos) asks what languages I speak. I was bummed that the form didn’t let me put Ruby. After all it is a language, although specialized, to communicate. But it is OK because it prohibited other made up languages like Esperanto.

Thanks to BMW for sponsoring the TED videos.